Uses of ICT Platforms

In our modern day, the use of technology is essential because people are now using phones, laptops, and other devices in their every day doing or work. They use the internet connection to communicate with other people in the other places. One example here is the uses of ICT Platforms in where it makes the work of one person easy. They use collaborative tools, productivity tools and lastly the other ICT Platforms which is the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

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Educational Trips

Stonyhurst Southville International School Malarayat Campus is offering out of the classroom activities like the educational Trip for more effective in furthering the learnings of the student. Educational trips are carefully well-planned combination of tours and hands-on learning opportunities. Students will go to different places for them to learn different knowledge and to gain more information about one topic. The activities happen on the educational trip often includes lectures, demonstrations, videos, and tours. This activity provides a wonderful opportunity for students to undergo experiences that are not usually seen or can be experienced in the classroom. The goal of having educational trip is to provide students better experiences outside their everyday activities such as going camping with teachers and their classmate and more importantly is to add extra information about the specific topic.

I believe that it is essential for the students to have this activity for their knowledge to be widened and to lessen their stress from the classroom. At the same time, students can have fun while learning things that they do not usually experience inside the classroom. It helps to develop the investigative skills of the students in observing and getting the idea of the things. Well-planned field trips can provide students with truly educational experiences they cannot get in the confines of the classroom. The knowledge that they gain from the classroom is different when they experience it. Because with this experience, students can have an extra idea of the topic that they can apply when they go back to the classroom or use it in their daily lives.

However, educational trips can be expensive, and not all students are fortunate to have the fund to attend the trip. Because of not able to attend the trip, they will face different consequences or school works. Some schools give special projects to the student and some are not. Just like when they will give special projects for the students who will not be able to attend the trip, they will spend time making the projects in the classroom or at home. Thus, students might be forced to attend the educational trip because they want to get rid of the special projects and they want to join to their best friends or friend. Moreover, some students are not interested in going to the trip even though they have the fund to attend the trip. They will choose to stay at home or stay in the classroom and do paper works.

Students are learning things from inside the classroom, but it is a bit different now when it comes from the activity outside the classroom just like the educational trip. Information is presented to students in a way that meets different learning modalities. Educational trips like this provide students with the ability to learn by doing instead of just passively listening to the information being taught in class. They are exposed to new experiences that hopefully widen their minds. This can be especially helpful for students from lower socio-economic backgrounds who may not have been exposed to these opportunities before. Concepts that have already been learned in the classroom can be reinforced. Sometimes seeing information being taught in a new way can make all the difference in student comprehension. There is quite a difference between being taught about something like the reactions of chemicals and experiencing them in an exhibit at a science museum.

Also, it lessens the stress of a student because they can have fun while learning at the same time. The feeling of studying inside the classroom is a big difference when it comes on outside the classroom. Fewer paper works and more fun will be achieved in the educational trips. Educational trips are terrific opportunities to build on classroom work while interacting with the students in a more casual environment. Not only students will experience a higher level of discourse and a more varied range of interesting destinations than with the elementary set, older kids need minimal personal care and can generally be trusted not to wander into traffic or get picked up by strangers. This relative freedom can give chaperones a bit of peace- and an opportunity to enjoy the field trip as a participant and friendly mentor, and not only as a babysitter.

In addition, the relationships of students are getting strong because of the fun and time that they are spending together. More importantly is that the fun that they are having can help to increase their relationship with each other. It is easy to learn things when you are having fun on it at the same time. While they are on their way to their destinations, students are having fun by talking, shouting and having the best moment together. It is like the best memory that they can ever have in their life. Those moments that they are experiencing can strengthen their relationships.

            I believe that educational trips are essential because it helps to get better understanding about the topic. When the time comes that they need to go and separate from each other and find different jobs or school. The thing that they will remember more when they leave the school is the memory that they had when they are still studying and not the lessons. Other than the fun is that the information they will have upon going to different places. The learnings that they had when they are still in the classroom are different when they experienced it. The understanding that they experienced is better than just knowing on how to do it or how it was made. They say that great experience comes with great knowledge and we can use this by giving educational trips for students because this is where they will expose their knowledge and skill that they have and mostly, they will have additional information about the specific topic. Teachers should encourage students to join the trips of school in different places by giving evidence that is fun and that they can learn more about it.


Chemical Energetics

Many chemical reactions release energy in the form of sound, heat, and light. These are called exothermic reactions. Exothermic reactions may occur impulsively and result in the higher randomness of the system. Endothermic on the other hand are chemical reactions that must absorb energy in order to proceed. Unlike exothermic, endothermic reactions cannot occur spontaneously. Work must be done in order to get these reactions to occur.

My group and I performed the Inquiry-Based Task on Chemical Energetics. This is to identify if the following compound elements are endothermic or exothermic through temperature reading. While we are doing the procedures, we took note of the initial temperature reading of the first solution/water, and then, the final temperature. The compound elements that we tested are hydrochloric acid – sodium hydroxide, zinc dust – hydrochloric acid, barium chloride, ammonium chloride, sodium hydroxide, magnesium sulfate, potassium dichromate, anhydrous copper sulfate. Most of them are dissolved in 150 ml water to test if the temperature will rise or fall.

I was so confused before doing the lab activity of Chemical Energetics. Questions such as “Is the temperature supposed to go down?” reveal a deep trust in my own observations. It made me wonder why should it happen in some reactions and not in others. But as we do the activity, little by little the questions that I keep asking for this lesson is answered. My knowledge of the endothermic and exothermic reactions became wider. That is why this activity really helps me very much in understanding the lesson.foom

What is the world made of?

The world we used to know is made of plant, animals, and people, but the world is made of more than what we expect. The world is full of challenges that test our skills and our minds. The world isn’t just a world, it is a place where we need to survive, cope with people, and also learn to live. In the studies of science, the world is made of hydrogen and other elements that sooner or later the elements increased. What I am saying is the world is made of everything because everything is possible in this world. In this world, we just need to expect the unexpected.


This 3×3 Basketball that the Kings made for the grade school students, enhance their skills and talents in playing basketball. This 3×3 is different from the normal basketball we are playing because in here you are only three in your team. Also, the rules are different from the 5v5. It enhances here your individual skills, but at the same time, you should work as a team with your other two teammates. At the end of the day, no one lost because all of them already won. They learned the importance of basketball that even though you have the greatest individual skill in the team, but you don’t have teamwork, then it will be useless as well. Green team won the league and Miguel Mercado won the Most Valuable Player Award.

Fischer Esterification

At first, I have no idea what smell will the ester result. Until it was heated, I was amazed that one of the results smell like baby powder and one of it was a foul smell. After then, I realized that I became a scientist. I thought a scientist is the one who is in charge of making new things and discovery but it is not the way you look at it. We people are already a scientist. We create, explore and learn new things about the earth. When you explore the world even in little things, you are already a scientist. Why? As I said, being a scientist is within ourselves already, we just need to enhance our skills and expose our talents in skills in science.


I am fortunate to be chosen among the greatest players here in Lipa. I am proud to represent the pride of Lipa that’s why I am doing all I can for me to contribute rebounds or points for the team. I have a short playing time in every game, but it doesn’t mean that I am useless in the team. I have contributed many rebounds and play a hassle defense in the time that was given to me. I never waste the playing time that because I know it is the opportunity for me to show them my game.

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap teaches us to move on.

Quantum Leap is when an atom becomes agitated or heated the electrons start leaping from one orbit to another. Every downward leap creates energy that’s why its called quantum leap. In the movie, I have learned the many characteristics of the atom. Over the years the structure of an atom is always changing. The first model was from Neils Bohr where the structure of an atom is like the solar system. Electrons that are orbiting around the nucleus. Quantum Leap explains the movement of these electrons and how energy is created.

Two famous scientists Albert Einstein and Neils Bohr argued about the concept of probability. Neils Bohr proposed that everything around us is based on probability. However, Albert Einstein said that God doesn’t play the dice. Albert Einstein also believed that quantum mechanics were going the wrong direction. So he made a lot of arguments about the quantum theory.

The movie has taught me many things about everything in a molecular level. It also helped me differentiate the concept of classical and quantum mechanics. Thanks to this movie, I’m able to have a better understanding of atoms and their functions in our every day lives.




Digital Footprint

My digital footprint is when I send messages in the messenger. I want my digital footprint to show how nice I am. A poor digital reputation can affect your relationships, friendships  and even your job prospects, so it is very important that you are aware of what picture you are painting of yourself online and protect your digital reputation today.