What is the world made of?

The world we used to know is made of plant, animals, and people, but the world is made of more than what we expect. The world is full of challenges that test our skills and our minds. The world isn’t just a world, it is a place where we need to survive, cope with people, and also learn to live. In the studies of science, the world is made of hydrogen and other elements that sooner or later the elements increased. What I am saying is the world is made of everything because everything is possible in this world. In this world, we just need to expect the unexpected.


This 3×3 Basketball that the Kings made for the grade school students, enhance their skills and talents in playing basketball. This 3×3 is different from the normal basketball we are playing because in here you are only three in your team. Also, the rules are different from the 5v5. It enhances here your individual skills, but at the same time, you should work as a team with your other two teammates. At the end of the day, no one lost because all of them already won. They learned the importance of basketball that even though you have the greatest individual skill in the team, but you don’t have teamwork, then it will be useless as well. Green team won the league and Miguel Mercado won the Most Valuable Player Award.

Fischer Esterification

At first, I have no idea what smell will the ester result. Until it was heated, I was amazed that one of the results smell like baby powder and one of it was a foul smell. After then, I realized that I became a scientist. I thought a scientist is the one who is in charge of making new things and discovery but it is not the way you look at it. We people are already a scientist. We create, explore and learn new things about the earth. When you explore the world even in little things, you are already a scientist. Why? As I said, being a scientist is within ourselves already, we just need to enhance our skills and expose our talents in skills in science.


I am fortunate to be chosen among the greatest players here in Lipa. I am proud to represent the pride of Lipa that’s why I am doing all I can for me to contribute rebounds or points for the team. I have a short playing time in every game, but it doesn’t mean that I am useless in the team. I have contributed many rebounds and play a hassle defense in the time that was given to me. I never waste the playing time that because I know it is the opportunity for me to show them my game.

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap teaches us to move on.

Quantum Leap is when an atom becomes agitated or heated the electrons start leaping from one orbit to another. Every downward leap creates energy that’s why its called quantum leap. In the movie, I have learned the many characteristics of the atom. Over the years the structure of an atom is always changing. The first model was from Neils Bohr where the structure of an atom is like the solar system. Electrons that are orbiting around the nucleus. Quantum Leap explains the movement of these electrons and how energy is created.

Two famous scientists Albert Einstein and Neils Bohr argued about the concept of probability. Neils Bohr proposed that everything around us is based on probability. However, Albert Einstein said that God doesn’t play the dice. Albert Einstein also believed that quantum mechanics were going the wrong direction. So he made a lot of arguments about the quantum theory.

The movie has taught me many things about everything in a molecular level. It also helped me differentiate the concept of classical and quantum mechanics. Thanks to this movie, I’m able to have a better understanding of atoms and their functions in our every day lives.




Digital Footprint

My digital footprint is when I send messages in the messenger. I want my digital footprint to show how nice I am. A poor digital reputation can affect your relationships, friendships  and even your job prospects, so it is very important that you are aware of what picture you are painting of yourself online and protect your digital reputation today.

Don’t Quit

When things seem too hard, when it seem so difficult, don’t ever think of giving up. It’s okay if you want to take a break, but don’t give up. Life isn’t how hard you hit, it’s about how hard can you get hit, how much can you take and keep moving forward. Life may give you ups and downs, but that only learn to stand up and be back again, to be strong just like everyone did. Everyone faces difficulties, some that make people want to quit, but later realize that they’ve gone too far and their goals seem near. Success is hard to find especially when your mind is filled with doubts. It takes times to become successful and failure may pass your way, but that only motivate you to keep pushing through. There will be days when you can’t smile and days where all you can do is wonder how close you are. The true meaning of success is not when you always win, but when you always lose and didn’t give up and succeed, that’s the true meaning of success. Just keep it up and you’ll attain your goal, let go and it will end forever. There are many times that people are giving up, but they didn’t know that their success is one step closer from them. Until they realized that they can attain their goal if only they continue what they’re doing. So when life gives you darkest times, keep going, remember that there is always a light at the end of a tunnel.

She’s inspiring the Egypt

In her success for being a fortunate person because of her novel (She’s Dating the Gangster). Bianca Bernardino visited Stonyhurst Malarayat to inspire the Grade 11 Egypt. Her book inspires many people like me. That love is happiness, love is when you smile at them and you smile for no reason, love is butterfly in your tummy no matter how many times you see that person. These are just simple lessons that I learned from the novel. What I learned from Bianca is never give up on your goals in life because you’ll not know how close you are until you never give up. She stated that on her early years in publishing the novel, the readers weren’t so many until one day she was shocked that her story became popular to the teens. Her story really inspired me and Egypt. Thank you Ms. Bianca for inspiring us. Hope we can meet again 🙂

Media Products Honesty

Many products like junk foods change their nutrition facts so that people will believe that their products are healthy and safe to eat. It’s hard to trust these days especially from the food we eat. We don’t know if they’re telling the truth about their labels. It may affect your health because we are referring to the food nutrition. Like too much sugar is bad for you. The one that was written in the food label was 4% sugar, but the truth is it was 40% in where it’s too much. Let’s be aware on the products we buy because it’s hard to find honest labels these days.